About Us

Might is first and foremost a progression guild, but we subscribe to the idea that doing well does not require an excessive investment of time. We have a long history of maintaining strong overall progress while raiding significantly fewer hours than most progression-focused guilds. We accomplish this by making efficient use of our limited time – we waste no time on drama, standing around waiting, or meaninglessly bashing heads into brick walls on fights we didn’t prepare ourselves for.

As such, the kind of player we’re looking for is one that has a strong guild-before-self attitude, is (reasonably) mature, can take constructive criticism well, is willing to admit their own mistakes, can act without having their hand held but still follow instructions when given, and is willing to do their homework between raids so we don’t have to do it for you during them. Gear requirements are flexible, but should be adequate to begin current content right away. Experience with hard mode content and demonstration of thorough knowledge of your class mechanics is a must.

Finally, Might has been around for so long because we care about personality and attitude as much as skill – our members play together outside of raids, and large portions, including much of the leadership, have been together through multiple expansions and even multiple games. We’re looking for people looking for a group of people to play with, not just a raid group to gear up in.

Questions? Feel free to contact one of our other officers in-game, or see our FAQ on our website.

    • Vanilla: <Might> of Lothar. Guild formed on release.
      – Onyxia (apr05) | Ragnaros (may05) | Nefarian (oct05) | C’thun (may06)
    • The Burning Crusade / Wrath of the Lich King: <Might> of Turalyon. 5 day, 25 hour / week schedule
      – SSC/TK (june07) | Illidan Stormrage (aug07) | Kil’jaeden (aug08)
      – Alone in the Darkness (US 11th) | Tribute to Immortality (US 1st) | Light of Dawn (US 8th)
    • Star Wars: The Old Republic <Might> of Hedarr Soongh/The Fatman
    • Cataclysm: <Imperative> of Zul’jin. 3 day, 10.5 hour / week schedule
      – Sinestra(25) (US 56th) | Heroic Ragnaros(25) (US 77th) | Heroic Madness of Deathwing(25) (US 73rd)
    • Mists of Pandaria: <Might> of Zul’jin. 3 day, 10.5 hour / week schedule
      – Heroic Sha of Fear(25) (US 71st)| Heroic Ra-den(25) (US 64th) | Heroic Garrosh Hellscream(25) (US 53rd)
    • Warlords of Draenor: <Might> of Zul’jin. 4 day, 12 hour / week schedule
      – Mythic Blackhand (US 34th) | Mythic Archimonde (US 18th)
    • Legion: <Might> of Zul’jin. 4 day, 12 hour / week schedule
      – Mythic Gul’dan (US 15th) | Mythic Kil’jaeden (US 19th) | Mythic Argus the Unmaker (US 25th)


Bobsal [guildmaster]
Squishea [raid leader]
Cold [quartermaster]
Role Leaders: Elkhad [casters] Jademcian [agility] Jaydaa [healers]

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